Thursday, October 29, 2009

Response to a questio.

I was asked tonight if I ever feel like I am an artist. That is something I think many designers think about, I know I have for a long time. It took seeing a photo of some one and being reminded of the hurt that in that moment I felt the need to creat. So I geuss I am a designer until I let the hurt and pain get to me then I become an artist.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some one elses work

Great chair right? Hell if it wasn't a chair I still would like to have it around the place just for the texture. Here's a link to the page I found it on.

This isn't the first time I've seen a design like this it isn't even the 2nd, but it is the best. Look at that pattern and can you imagine how the layers of foam might feel.

I have no problem with it as a piece or as a functioning unit. I do have a little problem with this little train. Not because it's a small train but because it isn't a train at all it is just the top of a tube cut to look like a train.

So what I have a with is the billing of it being a model train, even giving it's scale. Well if I went to get an N scale engine and it had no motor and was just a portion of the top of a tube. See hat I'm getting at? It is however great look at it, it's a little train that goes through a tunnel check out the video on the link. How ever if you go to the originators website they do say it is just the illusion of a train and not a real one.

In closing I really would like to get the formatting to listen to me and follow correctly. Tomorrow a write up of Problem 1 and an update on Problem 2.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

And now to begin

So I continue on problem 2, planes moving in space creating volumes and interesting points. This is what I have so far I'm sick with the flu and I don't feel like the peace is complete or even near complete.

A week like this deserves not to be repeated, it hasn't been horrible but has been an expert execution of Chinese water torture. One thing after another and not all to me some others had it much worse than I did. Problem 2 is working from a song by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club(website) and it's depressing undertones are augmenting the overall feeling and some how are escaping the piece.