Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday dampness

I am sore, very sore but I'm done. I was able to get 2 classes in today missed the first because of my soft spot for helping people, science and being a goof. Thursday I ran my 5k and did yoga so I feel okay with the results this week. If only I hadn't missed working out on tuesday I could say it was a great week.

I need to find out more about repairing my lungs, I am feeling a capacity loss or it could be I feel more open space with out junk and I'm realizing how diminished my lungs are. I think tonight will require an outing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When will I have a life

Friday was super busy, I did three classes lift, yoga and 20. And then I had to work alot and not I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied. I need to get to the gym but I'm very busy with work and school leaving not enough time for much else. And this is largely due to my inability to manage time. Speaking of which I should get off of here.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This week I turned 28

Oh the busy-ness of the last weekend, I wasn't able to to work out from Saturday to Tuesday, I think made up for it though. It started early with running(2.5miles) then yoga, I gave it a break and then went on later that day to the 20/20/20(Cardio/Strength/Stretch) and then straight to 2 hours at the boxing gym. I don't think I'll be doing 4 hours in one day again anytime soon, although I am thinking of the 20 and lift for tomorrow. I need to get this schedule down more for hoke work. I thought of a few ideas for chairs after looking at some Eames stuff, and combining it with the foam block chair.

I may still go run tonight or I might use this night as a chance to get a full nights sleep the options are still open. I'm going forward trying to push more veg into my diet I should see the effects soon, since it acts like a filler but is higher in nutrient but it's still lighter. Does that make any sense?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of the ladies I work with suggested I try this lifting class she does, unfortunately I have class then. Except to day when I got an e-mail that class was canceled. It was pretty intense and now I must shower. Knee is doing alright I'm hoping this does add some strength to that region. I'm still playing with the idea of getting the free 5.0 to work out in and just using my other shoes for running. Another hundo out the door.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today in fitness

Well I was active today, I ran for 2 miles on the track this morning and did yoga, then this afternoon I did a aerobics and strength training class. Yeah the second one was outside of my comfort zone I doubt I would go if I had known I was the only guy in the class. Good thing I was sweating there were moments during umping jacks and I looked over the class in the mirror and shed a few tears of happiness.

"I've finally made it"

Side note on the running I am getting a sharp spasming pain in my right calf and shin, like my leg is locking the muscle and I have to stop and stretch it out. I can only make it a mile before this happens. I'm leaving the treadmill for the track I know I'll take a hit in distance but the training is better I think.

Edit: After reading this seems the most likely problem. So it just mens I'm pushing it too hard and need to adapt my plan or stick to the parts that say cross train and not run another 4 miles.

Gratifying Design

Some time design isn't about something so new people take notice but it is about improving with out it being obviously new. I would say it is a natural transition. I did that this week and I'm very proud of the results. The burn is when some one tells you 'there really isn't a difference and it shouldn't matter cause no one cares.'

Okay most designers realize a lot of their work will go largely unappreciated but it is kind of a low blow to say it doesn't matter ouch. I'm finding this is the problem when working cross discipline, it's much harder to understand something like design since it is beyond their understanding.

Design is a language that few speak and most understand unknowingly. I can handle some harsh critique but that was just beyond rude and was a comment best kept to themselves.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Project Idea

Okay so I pick something I would like to learn how to draw one time it was horses and cats, then it was portraits, now I want to draw cowboys pimps and early Barbie like figures. Fashion design proportions.

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Got some mini moleskin sketches after some calc.

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New beginnings, new obstacles

I am shifting, one month with out really smoking. I've had 1 and 1/4 in the last months that is pretty close to quite right? I really want one right now and it's killing me.

I have some new goals let me list them for you.

  • Half Marathon - I don't know if I can but I have begun training for one and I'll be posting my progress here. This includes general fitness I just signed up for a fit pass, so what if part of the reason I'm going is to meet women.
  • Sketch a day - I can do it easily it's more the matter of posting my work I will post pages on here though.
  • Organize - I need this, my shit is shit and my schedule is too busy not to get this under control.

The tightness in chest is killing me. I need to work on calc and go to a meeting. This RA job could kill me or at least try to kill my soul. I don't understand why there has to be a cookie cutter approach to handling people. We are loosing touch with how to talk and listen to people and worse of all we are being told that talking and listening to what they want is not how to find out what they want.

On the romantic front, there is nothing. There is never a shortage of girls batting their lashes or using one of their numerous flirting tactics. I need to stop analyzing.