Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yet another reason to buy an iPad

Typography Insight - New ways of learning&teaching typefaces – Now if only I had the money. This program looks awesome, the ability to compare typefaces and multiple previews and it seems to link to the wiki articles on the typeface. Now if only it was released and I had money to buy an iPad. Anyone want to flip the bill for me?

Friday, May 20, 2011

OMG Sitting is Killing You INFO GRAPHICS

Sitting is Killing YouYeah that's right and you can check out these swank info graphics that should convince you to stand more. I need to think about more info graphics I think.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » living in: badlands

Design*Sponge » Blog Archive » living in: badlands - Oh look something to do with Badlands always like seeing things that somehow relate o work I've done. I ended up writing a comparison piece about True Romance and one of the points I used was the music and dynamics from Badlands. I'm thinking I should just start posting this I write about movies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You Don’t Really Strike Me as an Arial: Selecting Font and Color for Your Words | Fuel Your Creativity

You Don’t Really Strike Me as an Arial: Selecting Font and Color for Your Words | Fuel Your Creativity – so here is a quick post. Check the link out and it should help you choose a typeface and I think more people could find this useful than less.

This is for the guys that use clip ons

To develop a new typeface for this digital age.

So we read most things from computer screens now where as before we read from print. So some might think the Typefaces of old would work well for us today right? Nope and even thoguh we have been designing typefaces on computers for computers they weren't really though out for the wide range screen sizes and densities we use. From my quick bit of research Digi Grotesk was the first digitally created Typeface (sorry I'm omitting terminal typefaces as they are a product of engineers and not typedesigner) but it was designed with a CRT (cathode ray tube aka non lcd/plasma screen displays think about old tv's and computer monitors) and they had a much lower pixel density compared to current displays.

What is pixel density, I guess I could put a picture up.

There we are so that above is what a crt looked like when you got really close, about half the range of viewing before my mom would shriek I would go blind. There are other aspects that are different like scan lines and refresh rate that are also different between crt and lcds too but I don't want to go on too much.

So we have many typefaces that are designed in the 80's for use on computers (mostly to avoid paying for them ahem Microsoft) Georgia, Tahoma and the like. They emulated fonts we already knew like Helvetica became Arial but we are now finding they just aren't up to snuff for our new screens, and the more simple a font is the less retention in our memory fo we have a new age of font upon us and we are armed and well equipped to handle the situation.

I may have made mention of Nokia PURE, this is a font designed for Nokia for use on small screens and they have made it a playful one at that. The forms seem much more interactive with each other and legibility on smaller screens has increased greatly. I wish I could run it on my mobil to be honest. Nokia has a great blog about their design here.

So now fontshop was the first foundry to address web typography with a web pack of typefaces but they have taken it a step further and have a new typeface Azuro that has been tested on all major mobil platforms and was designed with them in mind. So if you think typography is just the realm of print and letter press you have another thing coming, who do you think is going to design those new apps for tablets and phones, or the layout of the new interactive zines? Here is a great article about the development of Azuro here.

Oh snap some more video.

So I was not and early adopter of Apple TV and I really only picked one up because I needed to sell other things to make money and this was the cheapest device to get what I wanted done when it came to AV shit. So after months of owning it I find out there are video podcasts and I'm like whoa awesome and they are free so double awesome. And then I found out TED had HD videos I could watch through it and I've been pretty happy. So they put one up each day and they range from 5 to 20 minutes. As I am now done with classes I thought I would watch a few while I blogged some articles I ad found this month and this video came on and I just wanted to share it. It's funny and includes art and tech.

And also here is a link to his project Art Project, its basically an online art gallery with gigapixel views and metadata an is real something I've looked forward to. Technology had a promise od democratizing learning and knowledge but has always fallen short when it comes to learning about art(art history majors suck at taking photos of work) so yeah this is really exciting for me at least.

Oh my Letterpress

Great little video that kinda runs through some of the basics of letterpress. Something to muse on with the leed up to Hamilton.

Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo.

Mizzou Professor says nantenna solar sheet soaks up 90 percent of the sun's rays, puts sunscreen to shame -- Engadget

Mizzou Professor says nantenna solar sheet soaks up 90 percent of the sun's rays, puts sunscreen to shame -- Engadget Well we lost but I'm not even sure if KU was trying to get this done. I'm glad to hear it was in the region at very least. So this kinda thing could make solar energy viable for everyday use, so maybe one day a panel out your window would be enough to power most stuff in your house or a panel on top of your ac unit would be enough to power it. So that's a lot of money and carbons saved.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I've got a lot to blog about soon

Well truth be told is that I have a lot right now but I have a test to study for so it will have to wait.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The finish is in sight

So I should be a little happier but I'm really drained I have zoomed through and updated my blog with just about everything I needed it to be updated with. I wish I had gotten to it earlier but the lack of internet connection at home really put a cramp in my style and before I knew it I was behind. But hey I'm back and I don't have that much work I want to get redone for review. They say those that make lists are more liekly to complete the tasks so here is the list:

Reprint: Cycle poster and extras for summer fest
Print additional stuff for badlands(ie pocket, booklet, poster and stickers)
Badlands process book, yeah that one fell apart last time so I might want to ge that together and I almost forgot I need to reprint the ad I made for my packaging project(and do some behance uploading)
And I need to print some CDs!!

All in all not a bad bit of work to get done, I think I should be able to knock it out in no time and the two booklets I'm getting printed at kinkos so it can be duplexed and thus save me time and thank god I found the templates that I wasn't able to find before to format this crap properly.

Journal 14 Inspiration

I had many inspirational moments, I would say the first was the books that Andrea brought in or told us to buy, I'm a sucker for reference and eye candy and when the two meet I loose the ability to not justify the cost of the books. But I think we also had some good moments with hallmark I like hearing the stories of different professionals how they made it.

But I would say I supplied myself with my most inspirational moment, I do a lot fo reading and researching on the sides and I was already familiar with the TED talks and then found out I can get them like pod casts and digest 1 or 2 a day and I love the diverse groups they bring in. I would also say my tolling around the internet and design blogs has paid off great as well I've found some companies that really interest me and I am starting to see a direction to all this madness.

film and video :: Artist Series Journal 12

hillmancurtis :: film and video :: Artist Series: David Carson :: 917 679 2725 – So I've been watching and then even just listening to a few of these videos, I prefer the David Carson interview and talks about work at Raygun Paula Sher us als great but a discussion on the ase of some design just isn't something I think I should listen to.

I might ask them ho they knew they were in the right place or designing the right stuff. We often get asked what are we would specialize. Sure I would love to get better at video and motion and do videos but I would really be happy just about anything that allows me to create.

Debbie Millman Journal 11

Eddie Opara: Observer Media: Design Observer – Not sure if you listen to NPR but this seems like a design version of Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I happen to like that show but haven't had the time to listen lately. It could also bee viewed as an audio only hallmark.

Debbie is the president of AIGA and partner and president of the designs division of sterling brands. So she has some street cred.

I like that I an here some perspectives and short backgrounds on the designers and how they got where they are today. All in all it's pretty simple.

GOOD Journal 10

GOOD Home Page - GOOD – Tad showed us their work last week. They really have a great way of explaining things through the use of info graphics. The main reason for the need is the demand by the readers to have a visual analog to the data discussed in the article. I guess the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is even more true in that instance.

My only concern with info graphics is how long are we from just reading and periodical in comic book form. The aesthetic of many of their info graphics only make me cringe more because they seem a little playful and I know that's not bad but I want a stone cold news source I don't want hugs and kisses I don't want pretty pictures I want solid writing. It has been my experience that info graphics have also been a stopgap when the content is short or crap, nothing worse than an info graphic two times the size of the article or Nazi's are worse and famine.

Design Paradoxes Journal 8 pt2

Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes: Observatory: Design Observer – This was pretty great as I read down the list I've heard or felt some of these things. I know I feel like I got the shit end of a project but in retrospect I've got some good stuff. And of course on the minds of many is the urge to get an internship, I can't afford the pay cut and I haven't seen anyone I would really like to work for.

So the one that does worry me and I hope future clients don't see is "I'm a professional: I know best" because I have done work before and found the requests were pretty bad and you know what I go along with it as well as I can trying to edge in something good looking. Worse come to worse I can claim the experience on the resume and drop it from the portfolio.

Into the Futura Journal 8 part1

Type Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry: Observatory: Design Observer – Well it's futura a simple font that if you aren't paying attention seems to be an easy choice. It's funny I'm more afraid of using Univers or Helvetica more than Futura and that might be because I'm not a fan of futura. I do how ever have a soft spot for Myriad Pro, the more I use it and examine it the more I like it. It doesn't have the selection of Univers of Helvetica but it's more fun and less blocky.

So here are two of the reasons I like it, the lowercase i's and r's. In roman myriad is better then helvetica and nearly ties it with Univers what can I say I prefer something closer to a mono weight stroke and round dots on my i's.

Thirty Conversations on Design

Thirty Conversations on Design – So it's very intriguing what they chose I think I would go with distribution and production or maybe energy. Sure we can change how we get places but I think the biggest change can be effected by how we get the things we use the most.

Sure Education, Water and Transportation are very big but they are all smaller pieces to the bigger problems. Then again maybe these guys know a thing or two more about problems than I do.

Signs Journal Entry 7

IMG_0441IMG_0442IMG_0445IMG_0443IMG_0585IMG_0575 IMG_0574IMG_0573IMG_0559IMG_0548IMG_0556IMG_0549 IMG_0545IMG_0540IMG_0538IMG_0537IMG_0536IMG_0535 IMG_0531IMG_0530IMG_0527IMG_0526IMG_0525IMG_0523

Signs, a set on Flickr.

Here are a few pictures I took of examples of signs, typography and logos. Tried to get a good variety. I wish it hadn't taken me this long to get them online but at least they are here now!

Type Animation: To The Moon

So here it is, don't worry I'll be putting up the rest of my blog posts later.

Untitled from M. Rezaiekhaligh on Vimeo.