Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yves Behar

If you'd like to see that the world will look like in the future crack open Yves Behar's head open.
His work in industrial design is dynamic and clean with out putting you to sleep. Some of his designs are better than good and you know this when you look at his work and question if the products haven't already looked like that or you ask why don't they look like that. His products range from packing to affordable eyewear for children in undeveloped countries.

Responsible, Global, Diverse, Simple, Dynamic, Modern, Classic, Smooth

Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck is an American Pianist and Composer, known for his work in Jazz. His work is sleek there isn't much more that needs to be said about the visuals that his work inspires. Cool people listen to his work, cool people that wear berets and dark glasses in low lite rooms. During his prolific career his group the Dave Brubeck Quartet were releasing up to four albums a year. He is best know for being out of traditional time. The piece you are listening to (Blue a la Rondo Turk) is in 9/8 time. His group has the best selling Jazz album of all time and helped bring a truly american form of art into the mainstream.

Cool, Quick, Hop, Dance, Tap, Toot, Swingin, Sleek, Rich

Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone is nown known to be one of the best directors of the western genre and a master of the wide frame and sound. Early on he was known as a thief or not known at all. In his first movie A Fist Full of Dollars he blatently ripped off Kirosawa's film Yojimbo. Going with the western genre instead of the feudal Japan in Yojimbo. Leone made use of lighting and sound and interesting people to flesh out his movies. If you were to eliminate on of these it would cease to be a Leone film.

On Once Upon a Time in the West a grip climbed up a two story wind mill to oil it only to have Leone yell at him to leave it the way it was even though there was protest that is made too much noise. That element played into the pacing in the opening scene. Often he would used sound in place of dialog and there is a conservation od dialog though out his movies.His career was reletivly short but has influenced many of our current directors and genres.

Gritty, Squeel, Whine, Guns, Vistas, Close up, Old West, Criminals, Conflict

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud has for many years re-created many of the things that people with a sweet tooth crave. His work is best viewed in person with only one of his pieces in the room. Some of his best known work has been of pastries, cakes doughnuts and pies. His style is rich and sculptural. There is a gestalt effect when viewing his work the colors aren't what you'd expect to be used when you inspect his work closer. Thiebauds pallet is bold and applied like you would expect a cake decorator to do, thick, super thick.

Aside from his food he is known for still life and portraiture where he uses the same technique. In a series of pieces featuring his wife some criticized how un idealized he had portrayed his wife. He often exaggerates contrast with neon greens mixed in with purples alone a thick black line. In his work you can find the execution of a complete color theory class.

Thick, Rich, Eatable, Bold, Brushwork, Colorful, Gestalt, Pop

David LaChapelle

Nearing 30 years of publishes work LaChappelle has pushed photo media and the viewers ability to take it all in to the brink. His work is often high in contrast and rich in visual texture. Looking at his work you can see a hyper active visual style that crams the frame full of visual information and sub text. His portraiture is renowned and sexually charged to the point of desensitizing the viewer to it as well.

LaChapelle has for many years been working in music videos and commercial advertising giving us a candy land world with dramatic lighting and rich settings. It can be said there are two worlds when you look at his work, the one you physically occupy and then the places where your mind now resides. Life looks so much more dull after looking though one of his books.

Sleek, Shiny, Bright, Loud, Chaos, Pop, Surreal, Beauty, Sexual, Eye Candy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Project 3

So I'm looking over the information for this packaging and so I went to look at the Criterion Eclipse line just now and whoa. Yeah this is kind of a packaged line that includes a few films from a director and the design fo all is pretty much the same except for variations in color an stills from the movie. So I'm looking down at a bunch of sketches that are nothing like that and I can't use stills from the movie as well. Oh the joys of the ill defined problem, this is our lot in life I guess. Here is a link to the Eclipse line.

Weather Animated

Come on down and take a look at my latest edition to Behance, my weather animated video. Full information is listed with it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Horror

So I wanted to finalize my process book and bind it tonight. Those plans are gone. I'm now looking at a morning blitz thanks to indesign fucking up and costing me much time this afternoon. The bright side is I have the posters printed and ready to mount. Maybe the moral of this story is I shouldn't massively change the overall design and physical function of a book with less than 24hrs to complete it. I'll upload the project to behance shortly.

UPDATE: There it is up on behance.