Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here come the Rabbits

Almost the end of this project and I'm really ready for it to be done. The final revisions are all but finalized and the process book is just about 100 pages and near to final. here are some of the images that will be in the fina

Monday, September 20, 2010

Colors of the web

Branding seems to follow certain color schemes. In my psch class this is a correlation with out a third variable. So to some this is a surprise but it does see to make sense.

Now I'm wondering if you compare their offline assets and logos and see how this all fares.

PS these old Mac keyboards suck, they require the keystroke of ten men and the surface is curved causing many typos.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wellcome to my Univers *in progress*

Adrian Frutiger was for in Switzerland in 1928. He had and early fascination with script fonts and did not want to use cursive in school. It was from this issue he was sugested to go into printing and began cutting lead in Interlakin for three years.

His wood engraved illustrations caught the eye of Charles Peignot, of the Paris foundry Deberny Et Peignot. Here he began to make the transition of type from lead to film. "The task of adapting the typefaces of the old masters from relief type to flat film was my best school." and at this Frutiger did excel. His first font were serifed President slanted and released in 1954. But is was of his own idea where to take the Grotesk Sanserif fonts forward.

Here is a great pdf on Mr. Frutiger

What makes Univers “unique”, what is the Univers grid?

Catching up 8-25 Type and how to measure it.

Alphabet Variation
  • Type weight - Type weight is a product of the stroke(width)
  • Type width - It is the width of the type from side to side
  • Type style - are variations on a font and still in the same font family, ie. black, ultra and old style
Measuring Type
  • How is type measured in inches, mm, points or picas
  • Point - is the smallest form of typographical measurement 1/12p or 1/72"
  • Pica - a typographical unit of measurment, 1/6" or 1/76'
  • How many points in an inch? - 72
  • If a letter is set in 36 pts about how many inches tall is it? .5"
  • How many picas in an inch? - 6
  • How many points in a pica? - 12
  • X-height - is the maximum height of a lowercase character
  • Cap height - is the maximum height of the uppercase character, it is also the maximum height for the typeface.
  • Leading - is the spacing between lines of copy